Divorce for Mark and Carrie

Looks like it is official. There is an order in Mark and Carrie’s divorce case. I figured it would not take long since a stipulation was filed nearly a month ago. Basically, Mark realized he was screwed since he’d committed adultery. In Idaho, judges frown on infidelity and he wouldn’t win anything by battling it in court. He never even hired an attorney. Effing coward.

Instead, he curled up like a caged effing rat. Some would say he was brave to take his punishment. I say he was a complete idiot for screwing around on his wife of 20 years. And with a married woman. Karma is a bitch. Mark is gonna forever get to miss family events and it’s gonna cost him a shit-load of money. Maybe if there’s someone out here reading this blog who’s thinking of cheating, you’ll think twice. Or three times.

Mark gets to miss his kids growing up (at the very least 50% of the time)  My guess is that Carrie was so pissed that he may not have gotten that much custody. I don’t know for sure and may never know. Just a hunch.

I do know that the Idaho Child Support Calculator says he’ll be paying about $2,100 in child support. He will also be paying maintenance to Carrie because she literally makes $0 and has relied on his income for 20 years. How much in maintenance? Don’t know that either.  But it will be significant. Perhaps $2,000 per month? Perhaps $4,000? I do know that there is an unwritten rule where judges will award the non-cheating spouse up to 60% of the cheater’s income. Basically, if Mark’s business earns $150,000 annually, then $90,000 would go to Carrie and the other $60,000 to Mark. Mark was shacking up with his daddy last I heard, so his expenses are probably pretty low.

Must be a bit embarrassing to be a 45 year old man having to move back in with the parents.

They own their house outright. Yep. A $450,000 home fully paid for. My guess is the Carrie isn’t moving from her home. That would be expressly unfair. So, she probably gets the home. Now, she may have to buy 1/2 from him, or maybe not. I don’t know. Either way, that costs him a minimum of $225,000. Even if she had to buy 1/2 from him, she would buy it with HIS MONEY!!!!! LOL!  Because he has to pay her each and every month. He would effectively be buying his half of the home from HIMSELF!  What a fucking dumb-ass!  All for a piece of ass?

I am really glad that his wife took it to him by divorcing him. Sometimes people who think that highly of themselves need to be knocked off their high horse. That’ll teach you to mess with someone’s wife you piece of dog shit! Mark the narcissist, who thinks he so effing cool, gets what he deserves.

There simply is no way that it is worth it to screw around on your spouse. I don’t care what kind of excuses anyone gives me, it isn’t worth it. Divorce first. Once you’re divorced, then have at it. No one can convince me otherwise. There simply is NO EXCUSE for what he and my wife did.

Well, what about Allie you ask? I am divorcing her. Just not yet. I am waiting for her to agree to an attorney free divorce with a minimum of 50/50 custody and NO alimony or child support.




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