Allie’s first affair

As I was writing my last post a question came to mind, “who am I married to?” Carrie describes Allie as “the woman who ruined my marriage.”

It made me think of the first time Allie had an affair with a married man. His name was Shawn and Allie met him mountain biking in May of 2012.

Back up ONE MONTH from there. We’d just come back from a two-week family vacation in Costa Rica. Spent about $5,000 on that. From Costa Rica, we flew up to South Carolina to celebrate Allie’s Grandmother’s 90th birthday. While there, Allie’s dad was a complete ass-hat to us and we later found out that he was having an affair with a woman he is now married to.

Okay, fast forward. Allie met Shawn on a biking trail in Colorado. She was mountain biking a lot because her friend Gina was really into it. Their mountain biking outings were about 4-5 hours long and I would watch the kids for her so she could get out there and exercise. (this would come back to bite me)

Gina and Allie meet up with Shawn on a trail. He rides with them that day. Of course, Allie is quick to share her phone number with him so that she can invite him to ride again. That’s where it starts. He starts texting her and she “didn’t see it coming.”  Just like with Mark.

He gets so interested in her and they start having meet-ups.  They get physical and emotional, but supposedly didn’t have sex. I wasn’t there, so I can’t be 100% sure that’s true.

The affair ended because I caught her by finding some of the lovey dovey emails they were sending back and forth. Allie had used an old email account that she used to use so that I wouldn’t see the communications. But, like all cheaters, she eventually got caught.

3 thoughts on “Allie’s first affair”

  1. You delusional, your loving family wife has had multiple affairs, sex over and over and over outside of marriage, yet it doesn’t reflect on you, or her? You decided to wreck Mark, I understand but your wife is complicit, a liar, a serial cheater and you are in total denial. It’s just a matter of time before she’s out flirting again, putting out for thrills.

    1. So I am delusional because my “loving family wife” had several affairs and that reflects on me? Interesting take on it.

  2. C from Alabama here. We both had affairs. She had one she “loved and wished she had met earlier in life”.

    But her fantasy’s turned incestual and destructive. Looking back, it was a hard, sad and debilitating journey to recover after she divorced me. but I’m better off today than I ever have been.

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