You can tell a lot by people’s friends

You know, I haven’t written in quite some time. Well here on this blog. I have a personal journal where I write, but sometimes, things I write may not be suitable for the public.

I was thinking today that you can really tell a lot about people by the company they keep. And as I look back upon the 18 years that was my marriage, I can see the people that Allie chose to associate with.

  • There was Nancy – a known cheater who got pregnant and didn’t know if it was her husband’s baby or her affair partner’s. She and Allie were besties for a time. But like all of Allie’s “besties,” Nancy is no longer in her life.
  • There was Shawn – Allie’s first (that I know of) affair partner. He was married with three kids and was cheating on his wife to be with Allie. A real piece of shit lawn guy. Allie chose to be with a lawn guy with three kids and a wife. (while I was earning about $200k that year)
  • And, of course, Mark – Mark was married with four kids. Cheating on his wife with Allie.  Mark is a construction/remodel guy. Probably did pretty well in his business. Now Mark is calling me and apologizing and trying to get his ex-wife, Carrie, to get married to him again. What a piece of shit.
  • Now, her bestie is Lauren – Lauren had her fifth child with her ex-husband Zane. Lauren and Zane were middle school sweethearts and neither of them has ever kissed another person, let alone had sex. Lauren decided that every time they had sex as man and wife, Zane was raping her. Five kids!  Now, Zane has spent nearly $100k in court battling with her and can only see his kids every other weekend. One of his kids is best friends with one of my kids, so I get to hear how terrible it is. Two of the kids hate what’s happening and that they don’t get to see their dad. And they don’t really like their mom. This is Allie’s current bestie. Lauren has NEVER had a job. Ever. Zane took care of everything. Zane is a good looking guy, great dad, LOVED his weird ex-wife and was faithful. Now, she’s cleaning him out using the court system.

All piece of shit people that can’t handle being adults.

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