The willing cuckold

I was watching a video today from Red Pill Men’s Health and wanted to comment on it. (Here is the link)  Gregory is talking about the willing cuck that becomes a step-dad. I watched the video twice and you know he makes some very good points. Especially when he talks about how the real father will laugh at you for spending your resources on the single mom.

I did this just the other day with my sons. Adam, who is Allie’s fiance (now they’re married), came to town (airplane ticket) and stayed with Allie. She and Adam built a fire pit in her back yard. And it does look great. It really does. So Adam spent his time, energy, money, and resources on a fire pit that is in a woman’s backyard. Will it benefit him? Only if they get married.  Instead of using that time, that energy, that money and those resources to spend time with his OWN children in Florida, he flew to Idaho to do this with her.

It’s fucking crazy if you ask me. With a 2nd marriage divorce rate hovering at the 80+% mark, and with 75%+ of divorces initiated by women, why would a sane man ever marry, a 43 year old mom who cheated on her husband? What a cuck!

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