You’re not responsible for her crazy

Here’s a couple of statements I see quite often. (paraphrasing)

  • “I did this, so she cheated on me.”
  • “She is threatening to commit suicide if I leave her”
  • “She said she will become super promiscuous if we divorce”

Learn this now!  YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HER CRAZY BEHAVIORS. I don’t care how convincing of an argument she makes, or how much she blames you, or even if you did anything wrong to her. You’re not responsible for another person’s behaviors.

It took me a bit to learn this. My ex, as any of the readers know, had multiple affairs. She blames me quite often for her behaviors. She would play the victim card, assigning blame to me for what she was doing. She is either a victim or a hero in her own mind, but NEVER takes responsibility for her own destructive behaviors. She will constantly take credit for her “good behaviors” saying things like “I am becoming a better person” or “I am working on me.”

At any rate, know that you’re responsible for what you do and she is responsible for what she does. Period.

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