An interesting email

Last year (2018) I attended counseling with Allie. We had two counselors who sat in on all of the sessions. Towards the end of counseling, I was well aware that the marriage was over. I had just found about Allie’s third affair with her boss Derek. I would say that was the nail in the coffin, but it was already over. That just was one MORE reason for me to follow through with a divorce from her.

Allie sent this email to the counselors right after I found out about her third affair. Read this and just enjoy the sickness.

So her “plan” was to keep Derek a secret from me for five more years because by then, we’d have a thriving marriage. By then, I would have “worked on myself” and become a man she could love and stay faithful to?

Then read the last two lines. “Am I asking too much?”  Yes. You cheated on your husband at least three times!!  Now, you’re asking him to stay with you? What the fuck?

“Does that sound like entitlement?” Even she cannot believe the bullshit that comes out of her own mouth.

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