The story that needs to be told

Allie is so manipulative. So toxic. So dirty. As you know she had multiple affairs while we were married.

One of her affairs was with her former boss. Derrick is what we call him here. Derrick owns a pretty successful home health company where he does physical therapy for home-bound patients. He contracts with two different home health providers as the exclusive PT for a certain county in the state we live in.

Allie started her affair with him when she started the job. She would schedule time in her patient schedule to spend an hour with him. And then come home and be with me and our kids. Yep. Sick right?

I noticed some things that were “off” when she would speak about him with me. It was like she was talking about an ex-boyfriend rather than a boss. And I did find a couple of inappropriate texts. But that aside, Allie was pretty stealth in keeping her affair secret.

I don’t know what happened exactly with the two of them, but Allie says she ended it on her own. (and she wanted me to be proud of her) Allie almost immediately got into her affair with Mark in January of 2018.

So, for the next 11 months, Allie kept working for Derrick, while having an affair with Mark and “trying” to stay married to me.

Summer of 2018

Allie starts talking about Derrick a lot in the late summer of 2018. She actually confessed their affair on Labor Day 2018.  She painted a picture of him sexually harassing her. She’s always the victim. The picture wasn’t true. He didn’t harass her. She willingly participated.

Anyway, Allie starts communicating directly with one of the companies that Derrick contracts with about working directly for them. This would effectively take about 60% of Derrick’s business from him. Still painting the idea to me (and to herself) that Derrick is incompetent. She justifies her actions saying that she deserves those patients because he harassed her into having an affair. Blame. Justification.

She gets the job

Allie convinces the home health company to hire her directly as an employee and takes a huge chunk of Derrick’s business from him.

Now, do I feel sorry for Derrick? Yes and no. I don’t feel sorry for him because he shouldn’t have been messing with another man’s wife. But in a way I do feel sorry for him he has a special needs child from his first marriage and works to support her and pay all the bills.

Derrick was suckered by my manipulative ex. But he also chose to do the cowardly thing and participate. Real men stand up to married women and refuse to play that game. It cost him. It benefited Allie.

Allie used Derrick to get experience, knowledge and ultimately his business. Derrick’s dumb ass allowed her pussy to convince him he was great. What a sucker.

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