Lifelong Consequences

Maybe you’re reading this and you are or have considered having an affair on your spouse. My guess is that you’re a decent person because unlike most, you’ve tried to find something on the good ‘ole internet that will help stop you OR justify you.

Or maybe you’ve had a cheating spouse and you’re looking for answers. There aren’t any. But there are a lot of us out there who have been cheated on.  Maybe that is comforting.

Or maybe you’ve cheated already and wanted to see if there are any lifelong consequences you may face. There are.  And you’re shit for not telling your spouse.  Yeah, I called you shit. And you’re an effing coward. But, do read on.

If you walked down that aisle, stood in front of that officiant and made promises, then you likely said something like this:

“I promise to hold you above all others. I promise to be faithful. For better for worse. Foresaking all others”

You might be sitting there thinking that I don’t know what’s happening in your marriage. True.  But if you made those promises, then you should have the maturity to unmake them. You knew what you were doing when you walked the aisle so you cannot convince me that you don’t know what you’re doing now.

Whatever you’re saying to your friends or yourself to “justify” your infidelity is a load of donkey shit.

  • He isn’t meeting my emotional needs.
  • He won’t see a counselor
  • She doesn’t want sex with me
  • I deserve to feel good
  • My spouse is an ass to me

Those things may be true. Heck some of them are probably true.  But have some effing gonads and tell your spouse first. Sit them the fuck down and say, “I am leaving you. I deserve to feel good and this marriage isn’t working for me. I know that this may hurt. But it is what I need to do for me.”  See, wasn’t that easy?

The coward’s road is to have an affair. Like a rat sneaking around at night trying to get something going on the side BEFORE telling your spouse.

What makes you think that you’re even ready for a new relationship when you don’t have the fucking maturity to end this one in an honorable way?

You have to realize that if you’re straying or cheating, then you’ve got the maturity issues. I don’t care what kind of dumb ass your husband is, YOU’RE the one with the problems. Swallow that pill with your next load.

Don’t have a crazy cousin? then you’re the crazy cousin

Okay, enough soap box stuff.  Your affair has lifelong, irreversible consequences. Some of those are:

  • He will never trust you again like he did before
  • If you truly love your husband, you’re gonna destroy him.
  • You can get an STD
  • You can’t un-fuck someone
  • You will always have mental images that won’t ever go away. Those memories last forever
  • You will screw up your children who you claim to love

I know its a futile exercise to even say these things.  But I thought I would put it out there. Even if you get to be with your affair partner, you will screw around on him too. It’s only a matter of time.

You’re screwing up your kids too.

In this article, you can see how badly your divorce from infidelity will screw up your children. Not to mention that if you were to remarry your affair partner (or someone else) you’re not gonna be happy. You’re gonna divorce them too and screw them up as well.

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