Do you love your spouse?

First question. Do you love your spouse? I get that you may be feeling angry, dejected, isolated, heartbroken, trauma, depression and overwhelming sadness. I have felt all of those in the past 34 days. Yep, that’s how new my wife’s affair is. Just over a month ago, she was sleeping with another man. A married man who has four kids of his own.

So, let me ask you again? Do you love your spouse? Because right now, that’s all that matters. They are going through a range of confusion, emotions, fear, sadness, grief, and shame. But you love them.

Let me ask you this. What if you found out your spouse had a disease.  Perhaps it was cancer or MS. That disease probably would have symptoms. Well it is quite common that spouses who cheat have deeper issues than what they may be telling you right now.

You’re probably being blamed right now. The betraying spouse is telling you that it is something you did or didn’t do that caused them to stray. You pushed them into someone else’s arms and bed.  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. They MUST say that to help them justify hurting you so badly. But none of those things are true. So right now, love them. And hang on.  I am writing as fast as I can.

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